Getting Started

It is our goal to configure your account quickly and accurately so you may begin realizing the benefits of Cinema Solutions as soon as possible. Time frames will vary based on your organization and its unique requirements. The first business requirement is executing the Cinema Solutions Agreement and answering a few questions about your organization. Both account types, buyers and suppliers, are required to sign an agreement.

What's next?

One of our Sales Representatives will perform an evaluation of your organization's purchasing history in order to gain a complete understanding of your organization's core procurement operation. We will examine your current purchasing process, your supplier base, and your back-office systems. After the evaluation is complete, we will work with you to formulate a roll-out plan which addresses your immediate concerns and puts you on the road to realizing results. Our Account Service team will immediately begin collecting data from you in order to configure your account.

What about my current suppliers?

Feel free to invite your required suppliers to participate with you on Cinema Solutions. Give them our website address and ask your Sales Representative to be available to answer any questions your suppliers might have. We are experienced in demonstrating the value of e-Procurement to all prospective suppliers and have many success stories.

Other Expectations

Cinema Solutions has been enabling industry buyers and suppliers in e-Procurement for over eight years. We know the in's and out's of how to plan and execute a sucessful implementation. The key is to get started and then build momentum by continuously working with our team to advance the solution within your organization. Having an e-Procurement solution does not have to be an all or nothing deal. It's ok to start slowly and build on it. Before you know it, we will have a majority of your purchasing, if not all, on Cinema Solutions so you can save on your purchasing cost and achieve piece of mind. Remember, every dollar saved goes straight to your bottom line.

Contact Us by phone or online to get started today.