Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions or most discussed topics. We periodically update this list with questions and answers that we begin to come across more frequently.

If you are not able to get an answer to a question you have from this list, please contact our Customer Support for additional assistance.

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Logging In

I can not access the Cinema Solutions website.

There are two potential reasons that you may not be able to access the Cinema Solutions website. One is that the site is temporarily unavailable for maintenance. The other is that you may be experiencing network issues. If the site is going to be unavailable for an extended amount of time, you will receive a Cinema Solutions notice via email as to the timeframe. If the outage is not during this time, you may call our Technical Support line to verify the site’s availability. If the site is up, then you should contact your company’s Help Desk to receive network support.

What should I do if I forget my Username & Password?

If you forget your Username, you should contact Technical Support to have your Account Information sent to you via an automated email. The technical support specialist can verify the email address on file. If you forget your password, click on the Forgot Password link next to the login block on the Cinema Solutions homepage. After submitting your Username, the system will provide you with a secret Security Question, which when answered correctly, will email you your Account Information.


What should I do if I can not find a product I need on my Order Guide?

How do I request a product be added to my Order Guide?

The content on your Order Guides is strictly managed by an administrator at your corporate office. If you would like to have an item added to your Order Guide, you should submit a Product Request Form used to collect and send information on the product to an administrator at your home office. Select File > Product Request from the appropriate Order Guide to access the Product Request Form. Once submitted, the product information will be sent to your corporate administrator for approval. Having items added to your Order Guide is typically not an immediate action. Many times it takes time to gather product information and pricing from the supplier in order to have it added to your Order Guide. When new Order Guides are made available to you, you should take time to review the Order Guides and familiarize yourself with the items on it. This way, if anything seems to be missing you can submit a Product Request Form early rather than waiting until you need to place an order.

What should I do if I need to place an order and my order guide is locked?

The lock on Order Guides is based on configuration by your corporate administrator, not by Cinema Solutions. If you are locked out of using an Order Guide, you should electronically receive any pending orders for the supplier associated with the Order Guide. It is helpful to login daily to receive any orders that have become available to receive since you last checked. This will prevent any surprises when you need to place an order to meet an order deadline. Orders that are pending an invoice from the supplier do not count against the Unreceived Orders restriction count that locks the order guides.

I did not get a confirmation page what should I do?

If you do not see a Confirmation page with a Confirmation Number, it is likely your order was not placed successfully. However, it is recommended you visit your Receiving page to verify there is not a current order at the top of the list before attempting to place another order.

What do I do if the supplier says they did not receive my order and I am asked to contact Cinema Solutions?

You should first look at your Receiving page to find the order. If you can not find the order in your Receiving page, then it is likely the order was not successfully placed. For this reason, it is important to see a confirmation number on every order you place. If you do find the order, you should reference this number when contacting the supplier.

Is CSI my supplier for the products I order online?

Cinema Solutions is the provider of the software system (or website service) you use to manage your purchasing. Cinema Solutions is not the direct supplier of any products you order. All questions about products, order handling, etc. is the responsibility of the supplier.

Who do I contact to cancel an order?

Cinema Solutions is responsible for supporting the software system you use to place your order. Because most orders are sent immediately to the supplier, you should contact customer service at the supplier if you have questions regarding the handling or canceling of an order.


My order is not here yet, who do I contact for a status update?

Contact customer service at the supplier for an update on the handling or status of an order. Customer Service contact information can generally be found at the top of your Order Guide.


What should I do if I need to electronically receive an order but it is still pending the invoice from the supplier?

I have orders showing in my Receiving list which are very old. What can I do to get these cleared?

It is ultimately up to the supplier to stay current on uploading electronic invoices. Many times the billing cycle of a supplier will dictate the delay of receiving an invoice and therefore unlocking the order for receiving. Contact your corporate administrator when you notice old orders that should have an associated invoice. The Cinema Solutions Account Services team will work with your corporate administrator and the suppliers to make them aware of any old (aged) orders that are still awaiting an invoice.

What should I do if I incorrectly received an item on an order?

You should contact your organization’s accounting department, regional supervisor, or corporate administrator if you have incorrectly received an item. In some cases, incorrect receiving can affect accounts payable if the supplier is implemented for electronic invoicing.

I received a Shipped vs. Received Discrepancy Report email. What should I do with this?

Discrepancy emails are for your records only. If you have any additional information to report, you should forward the email to you accounting department, regional supervisor, or corporate administrator with any additional comments. Please do not reply to the email. Replies to Cinema Solutions are not read.

I was short shipped on the first delivery and showed the order as short shipped. The short shipped products showed up the next day, now what?

It is possible that orders will arrive in separate shipments. In most cases, this means there will be multiple invoices per order. Be careful not to reconcile items on one invoice which should be reconciled on a second invoice. Generally, it is not a good idea to increase the Received quantity greater than what is reported as shipped. The additional item may appear on a second invoice.


Where can I go to view my Purchase Orders / invoices for orders already received?

Go to your Receiving page to view all old orders. Make sure you check the checkbox at the top of the screen to include orders that have already been electronically received. Click on the PO number to view invoices for an order. For each invoice, there is an icon that you can click on to view the invoice in PDF format.